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Bowling Green R-1 School District


Dear Bowling Green R-1 School Community,

As we approach the midpoint of the second quarter, I write to extend my warmest wishes to you and your families as we dismiss today for Thanksgiving. This season of gratitude offers us an opportunity to reflect on thankfulness for our families and our broader community and nation as well of the many accomplishments and successes we have achieved together as a school district.

I am pleased to share that our school year has been nothing short of exceptional, and it brings me immense pride to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of our students and staff in academic and extracurricular domains. This Saturday, our football team will be competing in the final four for the second year in a row traveling to Lamar, MO for no doubt a spirited contest.  I hope to see seas of red and black in the crowd as we cheer on our players and coaches.  Go get 'em Bobcats!

Furthermore, I am delighted to announce that Frankford Elementary School has once again earned a well-deserved place (65th) among the top 100 elementary schools in our state, according to the recent rankings by US News and World Report. This accomplishment is particularly noteworthy given the unique circumstances of Frankford Elementary, which has the highest free and reduced lunch rate in our district while serving all students. Some of the smaller schools in this ranking are in districts where students with special needs are served in other locations in the district.  That is not the case in our district.  We serve all students where they are, and I could not be more proud of the work of these students and staff members.  This particular accomplishment is noteworthy also because Frankford was a Focus School as recently as 2018 and has shown great improvement in recent years! The commitment to inclusivity and academic excellence at Frankford Elementary sets a shining example for our entire region.

You can view the US News and World Report ranking for Frankford Elementary School by following this link: [](

The success of our school district extends beyond academic and extra curricular achievements. Our construction projects are progressing remarkably well, with the expansion of the middle school and high school library and the creation of a storm shelter at the Bowling Green campus. Additionally, the construction of our new early childhood center, complete with a tornado shelter, is well underway. 

Regarding the opening of the early childhood center, our dedicated steering committee, comprised of teachers, staff members, and parents, is actively working on plans to ensure a smooth and successful inauguration of this important addition to our educational program and will be sharing updates and recommendations to our board of education throughout the year.

As we gather with our loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving, let us express gratitude for the achievements, growth, and unity that define our school district. Together, we have created an environment where excellence thrives, and our collective efforts continue to shape the future of Bowling Green R-1 School District.

Wishing you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with joy, gratitude, and the warmth of community.  It is a GREAT DAY to be a BOBCAT!


Matt Frederickson, PhD
Bowling Green R-1 School District