Thank You

Yesterday, on election day, voters in the Bowling Green R-1 School District decided upon Proposition S: whether or not the district would issue its general obligation bonds in the amount of $8,750,000 for the purpose of constructing, acquiring, improving, renovating, furnishing and equipping new and existing school sites, buildings and facilities, including without limitation construction of a new early childhood center and storm shelter, expansion of the Middle School and High School library and development of a storm shelter to include community and board meeting rooms, improving Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance and safety and security throughout the district and other improvements as funds allow.  Upon approval, the debt service levy of the school district is estimated to remain unchanged at $0.50 per $100 of assessed valuation of real and personal property.

Proposition S did indeed pass, according to unofficial results reported by Pike and Ralls Counties.  In Pike County, the votes were 825 yes and 335 no with an voter turnout of 19.3%, and in Ralls County, there were 2 yes votes, and zero no votes.  Ralls County reported a 13.7% turnout rate.  For Prop S to pass, the district needed to achieve a 4/7 majority, or 57.14%.  According to unofficial results, the issue passed with about 71.2% yes votes.

We are excited for the next steps of issuing bonds and getting underway with our improvements and upgrades.  Thank you to our voters for your support!  #bgbobcatpride #saferbgschools