What is SchoolMessenger?

SchoolMessenger is an easy to use, web-based solution Bowling Green R-1 School District uses to send important messages to parents via their home, work and cell numbers, as well as via email and text messaging.  The mission of SchoolMessenger is to help schools reach parents. It's that simple. Schools struggle with same-day and night-before parent notification for school cancellation, schedule changes and unplanned events. SchoolMessenger helps schools by empowering principals and administrators to notify parents. 

How does SchoolMessenger get my phone numbers? 

The telephone number information supplied to SchoolMessenger is loaded directly by your school administrators into SchoolMessenger over a secure connection. In most cases, the parent data is exported from the school records system directly into SchoolMessenger. Once a school is logged onto SchoolMessenger the calling data is encrypted using Equifax 128-bit encryption as it passes from the school to  SchoolMessenger. It remains in an encrypted state while on the SchoolMessenger system. SchoolMessenger has a contract with the district to provide the service. This contract places restrictions on using parent information for any purpose other than to fulfill a school related call.

What caller ID will I see? 

SchoolMessenger sends the District main phone number 573-324-5441.

How should I answer the phone? 

Answer the phone as you normally would – say hello! SchoolMessenger is  voice activated and is waiting for your greeting to begin playing the message. If you don’t say hello or answer, the message will eventually begin but it will take several seconds before doing so. 

Message Retrieval Line Number

Parents can call the Message Retrieval Line number: 855-955-8500, from any direct dial phone that received the SchoolMessenger message. At the time parents dial in, they can choose the option to hear the last message sent or up to the last 30 days of messages.