Private Printing

Private Printing for Windows Users To the Toshiba Printers

The Toshiba Multifunction Devices on campus have a feature called private printing. This feature allows you to set a password on your print job. Your document will not print until you walk up to the Toshiba and enter the password. This is a way to keep confidential documents confidential!

To set up private printing:

Click on Start (the multicolored flag in the lower left hand corner of your screen)

Enter "Printers" in the search field
Click on Devices and Printers
Right click on the Toshiba copier you wish to private print to
Click on Printing Preferences
On the Basic tab locate Print Job
Click on the down arrow
Select Private Print
To the right of Private print, click on the box with three dots in it
Enter a password
Click OK
Click Apply
Click OK

When you walk up to the Toshiba:
Enter your personal print code
Press the print button
Press Private
Press your user ID
Press password
Enter your password
Press OK
All of your print jobs will display
Press the one you want to print
Press print


3 Things You Need To Print

Personal Print Code - 1234
User ID – computer logon
Password – the one you put in to print the document or you set as default.