The Maintenance Department is responsible for the maintenance, repair and safe operation of BGR1 facilities. The Maintenance Department oversees approximately two-hundred and thirty-three thousand square feet of building space in approximately nine sites throughout the district.  Providing expertise in every aspect of building management and maintenance for all schools and buildings.  

In order to maintain and operate these buildings, maintenance employs eleven full-time employees, four seasonal workers and four painters. 

To ensure reliability, efficiency and adequacy in all building maintenance and operations, we track repair work from initiation to completion, constantly monitoring and assessing quality and cost, through the use of a web based work order system, and field site inspections to follow up on work performed.

The Facilities Maintenance Department is committed to ensuring a safe, secure, and orderly physical environment for our children and their teachers to keep them warm, safe and dry.


Bill Francis - Head of Maintenance
Eugene Zbleski - Maintenance
Chris Niffen - Groundskeeper


Brenda Francis
Herbert Colbert
Steve Sevier
Bill Motley
Bill Motley Jr.
Glenda Myers
Tom Havens
Jack Miller
Anthony Powell