Google Apps for Education

What is Google Apps for Education?

Google is currently offering educational institutions hosting for email, calendars, and other productivity tools through Google Apps for Education, an integrated communication and collaboration solution.

Why is the school offering Google Apps for Education?

This product enables BGR1 to provide students and staff a variety of popular cloud-based tools.

Can both employees and students use Google Apps for Education?

Yes, all current employees and students have a BGR1 Google Apps account.

Are there any restrictions on using Google Apps for Education?

  • Yes. Google Apps may be used only for materials and information not covered by HIPAA, FERPA, or other similar regulations. Because of these regulations, BGR1 staff are highly encouraged to continue BGR1 hosted systems such as the U: drive.  

How can I use Google Apps for Education?

There are lots of ways to use Google apps for education, work, or personal productivity! For inspiration and examples, visit Google Apps on YouTube!

Are all of Google's Apps available with a BGR1 Google Apps account?

Google provides access to the core services: Email, Calendar, Contacts, Talk, Drive/Docs, and Sites. We have additional programs such as Picasa Web Albums, You Tube, Google Voice, Blogger,   and Google Plus.  Google Plus provided with age specific restrictions.

What's the difference between a Google Apps account and my Gmail account?

A Google Account can be used to access a variety of Google apps and services, including Gmail, from a single unified profile. A Gmail account is simply an email account provided by Google.  

What if I already have a non-BGR1 Google account or Gmail account?

No problem! Having a created BGR1 Google Apps for Education account will not affect your existing personal Google or Gmail account. Your Google Apps account for BGR1 provides the benefits of using Gmail and other Google tools in an ad-free environment.

Are there any technical requirements for using Google Apps for Education?

Most Google tools simply require a computer or mobile device with an internet connection and a current web browser. However, not all features of each tool may be available on all platforms/browsers. For more details, check the Help manual for the product you are interested in using.

How do I change my BGR1 Google Apps account password? Is it the same as my network password?

No. Because Google Apps for Education is a hosted service, you will have a separate userID and password for your Google account.  

What happens to my BGR1 Google Apps account if I graduate or leave the school?

Students and staff who leave the school or graduate will lose their Google Apps accounts when their network accounts are deleted after separation. The timing of the account deletion can vary based on the individual employee's circumstances with the school at the time of separation.

Why might I be denied access to a Google calendar, document, or other resource?

You may be trying access protected content while logged into Google with an account other than the account that has permission to access that content.

When you log into one Google App or site, Google remembers who you are so you don't have to log in again when you try to access another Google App or site. If you use more than one Google account, you just need to make sure you're logged with the right account to access the content you want. Account information and sign in options are usually displayed at the top of Google's webpages for easy access.

Google also supports signing in to multiple accounts at the same time. More information about that feature, including how to set it up, is available at Google's Support Site.

Where can I learn more or get support for Google Apps?

Because Google Apps for Education is a hosted solution, support is provided by Google. To access support documentation, visit Google Support.

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