Emergency Closings

Inclement Weather Information and School Closings

Announcements concerning emergency school closings will be made on the following:


Local radio stations

Local television stations

 School Front Sign

In the event that weather conditions worsen during the day school may be dismissed early. Announcements will be made on the list above.

Letter from the Superintendent

When is school closed due to weather?

Dear Families of Bowling Green R-1 School District Students,

When weather is an issue, the Bowling Green School District follows a set of guidelines for deciding if school will be open or closed.

The district must make a decision that is the best for all students. We realize, at times, our decisions may not fit with your individual circumstances. Therefore, we encourage and strongly support you in making the decision that is best for your child (ren). You are always the best judge of your child’s health and safety. 

When we experience inclement weather conditions, safety is the most important consideration. Parents can help their students and the district prepare.

  • Make plans ahead of time and communicate them with your children so they understand what to expect during an early school dismissal due to inclement weather.

  • Understand that school closings are for the safety of children throughout the district. While the condition of your neighborhood streets may be fine, other areas of the district may be experiencing harsher weather.

Please review the information you have listed as emergency contacts and make sure that the numbers are updated within our Student Information System, through your building office secretary.

How you can find out if schools are closed.

On days when the weather is bad, listen to any local radio or television station for information about school closing. You can also check our website at www.bgr1.org. We will also place a SchoolMessenger call informing you of any cancellations/postponements.

The process for deciding when schools are open or closed due to snow and/or ice and/or extreme cold
District staff members review the weather conditions beginning early in the morning. They review the weather forecast; talk with other districts, and school district staff to see if all buildings are accessible for students and staff. It is quite likely we will make this type of closing decision on the morning of the day in question.

The process for deciding when schools are open or closed due to excessive heat.

While unlikely, school may also close for extreme heat. When an Excessive Heat Warning has been issued for Pike County, district administration will meet to discuss if children can comfortably and safely learn in our buildings. In the event that district administration feels that the excessive heat may pose a safety threat to students, school will be closed for the day. When the heat index is above 105 degrees, all activities will be moved indoors or postponed.

When schools are closed, all activities are canceled.

When the Bowling Green schools are closed for the day, it also means that all activities scheduled in school buildings for that day are canceled.

Why schools are generally not dismissed early on days when the weather is bad.

In many of our families, adults work outside the home and they have no child care arrangements available before the end of the school day. However, if your schedule allows and if you feel your child (ren) will be safer at home, you can pick your child (ren) up before the end of the school day. If you do, go to the school office and request that your child (ren) be dismissed to you.

We try to keep schools open.

When schools close, many families have issues with child care. As a result, we try to keep schools open if it’s safe to do so. However, as we stated at the top of this letter, parents can always make the decision to keep their child (ren) at home in bad weather.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

We appreciate your understanding of the difficulties in making this decision, and your support in helping your child get to school safely on winter days. Please know that we will use safety considerations in making all of our weather decisions.


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