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posted Mar 26, 2018, 9:08 AM by George Beshears

Dear Bowling Green Families and Staff,


I am writing today as an extension of a recent communication I sent regarding an update to our school safety measures.  I have been in contact with representatives from the Missouri State Highway Patrol and agreed to participate in a program to have state troopers walk the halls during school hours from time to time.  The patrol has also offered to perform programs about general safety and various state laws as time permits during regular school hours.  Our school was not chosen as a result of any study, safety concern or worry related to any pre-existing safety problem.  This is part of a statewide initiative by the Missouri State Highway Patrol to increase the visibility of law enforcement in Missouri schools, known as their School Walkthrough Initiative.  The benefit of this is two-fold; an added level of security for our children and the opportunity for the student body to interact with state troopers in a positive learning environment.  Please keep this in mind as you may see highway patrol cars in the school parking lots and your children may tell you about state troopers walking the hallways of their school.


Some may have also noticed an increased daily presence of our local police department at the Bowling Green campus doing similar sorts of visits.  This will continue and seems to have been a positive addition.


The purpose of this letter is only to inform families and staff about the initiative of the Missouri State Highway Patrol to have a more visible presence in schools across Missouri.  Our school has welcomed the presence of our local state troopers, who are part of our community and view this as an opportunity to enhance the safety of our existing school safety plan. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free, to call or visit me at my office.  Have a great weekend!

Matthew L. Frederickson, PhD


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