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posted Jan 2, 2018, 4:50 PM by George Beshears
The Bowling Green R-1 School District is ready for our students to return to school tomorrow, on Wednesday, Jan. 3.

During winter break, our area has been experiencing some cold temperatures, and this trend is forecast to continue for the next few days. While these are very cold temperatures, they are not predicted to reach the levels that could threaten the closure of school.

As Superintendent, I have a team of individuals that help me with continually monitoring forecasts and changing weather conditions throughout our vast school district during the winter months. It is important to remember that preparing for the weather is of the utmost importance. Sufficient clothing and protection, along with limiting time outdoors, will adequately protect against these conditions.

The extreme cold and below-zero wind chills that often occur this time of year add an extra dimension to winter safety. Just like when there is inclement weather, the District is concerned about student and staff safety in extreme cold-weather conditions. When it is very cold outside, schools will significantly limit outdoor activities (recess, some field trips and P.E.) or just keep students inside. The District also encourages parents to consider the following:

Please make sure that your children are dressed warmly, in layers, including gloves, hats, scarves and appropriate footwear.
Safety first: If your child walks to school, it’s a good idea to make arrangements for a ride when the weather is so cold. Also, check the area bus stops. Parents may need to wait with their child in the car until the school bus arrives.
Buses: Bowling Green R-1 school buses will be monitored and heated overnight to ensure the buses arrive at the bus stop on time. We will make sure the engines start and heaters work so your child has a warm ride to school.
If your child is a bus rider, we again encourage you to make sure your child is dressed appropriately. Consider having your child wait in the car with you until the bus arrives (or, again, make arrangements so that several children can wait together in one car).

Schools: The thermostats at schools are programmed to ensure schools are warm. In addition, our staff will opt to keep students indoors for recess and physical education classes when we experience the lowest temperatures.
Being in school is important for many reasons.
Schools are safe places for students. Students have adult supervision throughout the day. Should students stay home on a cold day, in some cases there may be no adult supervision.
Instructional time is valuable to all students.
As a District, we will plan to have school on winter days unless we determine conditions (roads, inclement weather or temperatures) are potentially hazardous.

As always, if you have questions about school activities, please call your school office.

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