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posted Sep 27, 2017, 6:09 PM by George Beshears

Bowling Green R-1 School District informs parents of school news and district emergencies through an automatic notification system called School Messenger. Parents will receive two types of information: ​

  1. Emergency Messages: The safety of our students is our priority.  If there is a crisis situation in a school or in the district, we will keep parents informed through regular updates via phone, email and text using School Messenger. Dr. Frederickson, school superintendent, will contact parents using voice, email and text alerts. These alerts will be sent to all contact numbers available for the family as listed on SISK12 Student Information System.


  1. School Outreach Messages: Schools keep parents connected to news and information through school, website and social media posts, email messages, phone updates and text messaging.  Parents receive school outreach communication on their cell phones and email addresses.  These messages will be sent to the primary and secondary contact information listed for their child on SISK12. 

Make sure your family contact information is accurate: 

  • Check your family's phone numbers and contact information on the Parent Portal of SISK12. If you do not have a SISK12 parent portal account, contact your school office for more information.
  • If you need to update this contact information, please call your school and notify your school front office.
  • BGR-1's automatic notification system receives a daily upload of student contact information from SISK12 to ensure we have the most up-to-date contact information for our students. 

BGR-1 sends out two types of messages: 

  • Emergency: In case of a crisis situation or school closing due to inclement weather, BGR-1 will send out notifications to all phone numbers listed for our students - including the household, cell and work numbers for parents. 
  • Outreach: Schools keep parents connected to news and information by calling parent cell phones, as well as sending out emails and text messages to the addresses/SMS-enabled phone numbers on file with their child's contact information.  

​To Learn More About School Closing Procedures for Inclement Weather, navigate to: http://www.bgschools.k12.mo.us/departments/transportation/weather-warning



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